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Is the 12% Club App Safe To Invest Money?

The chance of investment is never lost on the aspiring young generation and farsighted mature people. Where we should invest and where we should not, is a topic for debate. Thus you can get some information about the latest app called 12% Club and we will help you to understand if that is good for you.

What is the 12% club app?

This is a platform that allows you to invest money and it is NBFC approved. You can get a return of 12% interest on the capital, which is pretty tempting. This interest is generated through NBFC when the Peer to peer platform utilizes it.  These are partner companies of NBFC. If you are a member of the 12% club then you can also borrow money from the partner companies.

Is 12% club app safe

Is it safe to invest all the savings in the 12% club?

Some users have complained that after investing the whole amount on this application with the expectation that they would get such a high rate of interest, they have sometimes faced the issue of late return. Sometimes it may take 48 hours to get the money back after you submit the request.

This might create a problem as people usually need to withdraw money when it is an emergency situation. So if it gets too late to get the liquid cash in hand then it would be a difficult situation. Thus we can suggest investing the extra amount of money in the 12% club and not the cash that you may need at any time.

Is 12% club RBI approved?

NBFC which is the responsible company for the 12% club is attached to RBI. The companies of NBFC are Hindon Mercantile Limited, Lendenclub, and Liquiloans. So it shows that the working process of the 12% club is clarified by RBI.

Is 12% club trustworthy?

Yes, the probable investors can trust the 12% club as many investors have got the declared amount of interest on their invested amount. The payment of the interest is pretty regular and it does get credited to the account of the investor without any hazard.

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Can we take a loan from the 12% club?

Yes, you can borrow up to a certain amount from this application. The amount that you will borrow will be sourced from the companies under NBFC, and the interest rate you need to pay would be 12% per annum.

Who is the owner of this organization?

The CEO of BharatPe, Suhail Sameer is the owner of the 12% Club. The Company BharatPe has entered a peer-to-peer infrastructure and the outcome is the brand called 12% Club.  This is a fair process where the investors can get 12 percent interest on the money they deposit and also they can get a loan while they would also pay the same amount of interest to the company.

What are the benefits of a 12% club?

This is a rather helpful application that offers a good interest rate without any hassle. The fear of getting cheated or facing issues when one needs to withdraw the investment is not applied to the 12% club as it gives attention even to the investors’ small issues. When the bigger banks are giving merely 3-4 percent of interest on the savings account of the investors, this application offers a rather lucrative interest rate.

As the 12% club works on a P2P lending process, it allows you to invest money in unsecured loans. This will make the investment opportunities wider but there would be more risk too. Though in the case of P2P lending, the borrower will not have many issues but the default situation may occur and that will be faced by the lender, and in this case, the organization. But since it is not any individual but a company involved here, it would lessen the risk of losing the capital invested.

P2P lending is approved by RBI. This is thus one of the safest investment options which will let you increase your hard-earned money with time. Many are yet apprehensive of this application and system as regular banks are still the most sought-after and trusted option for savings. But this can be another option and you may give it a thought when you will plan for your next saving.

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You do not get any penalty when you are withdrawing the amount as that is not under the rule of the 12% club. For regular investment plans like FD and insurance, you get penalties for withdrawing the money before the tenure is finished.

This means the locking period for the investment should not be broken if you want to get the full benefit of the investment along with the interest and return. But the 12% club allows you to liquidate your cash any time you want, so that is a positive point for the investors.

The rate of interest provided by this application is double or triple the amount usually paid by the fixed deposits of the banks. So when you keep some amount on the savings account it generally does not produce as much interest as it would when you keep it with a 12% club. Thus the money will increase and it can offer you a substitute way of earning by using the money that you have already saved.

What are the risks associated with a 12% club?

As we have mentioned earlier, you may invest the extra amount of money with a 12% club and not the necessary amount that you may need at any time.  The P2P lending structure that is followed by this application cannot be called completely risk-free and thus, investing the total amount would not be a suitable option.

The amount that you would invest in a 12% club may not always fetch you the amount of interest that is promised. The money is being loaned to other businesses and if the repayment of that amount is not regular, then it can impact your returns as well. So you need to be cautious and should not risk the total savings under one investment plan.


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