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How To Download LaView Connect For PC (Windows and Mac OS)

When one needs to keep surveillance on some location from a remote area then the LaView app comes in handy. A home is a place you will need to keep safe all the time, and even when you are not there for checking you would like to know what is going on there. So LaView is a mobile app that will help you do that.

For some people, the workplace also needs to be managed from the far end. That is why they need LaView to keep vigilance in their office or work area. LaView connects the two remote places by means of DVR, NVR, or other networking abilities. There is a video doorbell that provides the best quality video facility for people with their mobiles.

Now this application can also be used on a Windows computer or even on Mac OS.

LaView Connect for-PC

How can you download and use LaView Connect on PC with Windows?

If you have registered for this application and have the login details then after downloading and installing it on your PC you will log in with that detail. Before that, you need to get the message to download the system.

The message will have a list of features that you may select from; you can check all the boxes or a few of them. There are some great attributions like a stream media server, storage server, and client. By clicking on the next button you will be led to the page which says now the app is ready to be installed.

The process will take a few minutes to be completed and then you can click on the Finish button.

After logging in with the details you need to click on the download button and install the plugins. The browser should be restarted and then after switching on the computer you will get a pop-up message saying Start all Live View.  The camera streaming starts from that moment.


How do I connect to LaView?

If you have downloaded this application on your device then you can check the settings of the device. From there you will find the option for Camera. Click on the + button of the empty channel present there. You need to put the IP address of the camera. A verification code will be sent to your device.

Now in the password section, you have to put the verification code and then tap on OK. The camera will then be connected to the LaView application.

Can I view my LaView camera on my computer?

Yes, viewing the camera through the plugins is possible when you are using a computer with this application. You can put in an external IP address and then the web browser will be ready to import the video from this application.

If your PC has Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox then it will be easy to use this application. After opening the homepage of the browser you have to put the external IP address in the address bar and then press Enter. The device will be connected to the camera through the app.

Is the LaView app free?

Yes, this is a free program for mobile and desktop devices. This app can be used on both mobiles and computers.

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This is a product of US based company and it provides a super level of home security with video surveillance. This program provides full HD 1080P products and HD IP technology along with wireless operation.

Can LaView cameras go outside?

Yes, the cameras of the LaView are top-rated and weatherproof thus you can use them outdoors as well as indoors. The top priority of the camera security will sustain even in rough weather conditions. The camera of this program is IP rated and thus it will be superb for your need.

Can the LaView camera be hacked?

LaView camera comes with the best level of encrypted security and thus it will be really difficult for hackers to hack it. Security camera users always stay in fear of losing their privacy due to the craft of hackers. But LaView gives assurance that their client would not fall prey to those hackers and the rest will be assured.

What are the best features of the Laview Connect application?

With this application, you will be able to enjoy PTZ operation through a tablet or landscape mode. So you can get a more detailed and clear view of the area. Preset settings are present in the last updated app which lets you change the different settings to accommodate this app.

You can control the zooming, and you can also control the focus. There is an iris control system available in this app which makes it easy for the user to view the area with minute details.

There are more alarm types in this app. You can set an alarm based on the thermal imaging device and also there will be a temperature alarm. A temperate pre-alarm is also present here. You can avail of ship detection as well as temperature difference alarm.

You can also get the updated picture of the display button on your wireless device. The device can be renamed so you can see the actual name that you give it and not the random serial number when identifying the device.

The backend technical support is also great. You can get in touch with them and they can actually provide you with some real support and not some silly steps to follow blindly.

Cons of LaView Connect

Some users complain that the new version of the app does not remember the previously connected cameras. So when you wish to use one such camera then you have to put the IP number and follow the whole process again and again. Previously you just had to select from the list of cameras that were shown in the list. It was better earlier and the backend people should make it like before in the next update.

The app keeps pausing once in a while which means you have to push the play button once often. This will not let you watch the view smoothly. You may miss a moment or two and when you are busy working on something else, the pause will be prolonged.

Motion detection sometimes also gives a glitch. You may need to constantly readjust the button and that means you have to pay attention to the working of the app, and not leave it to work seamlessly.

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Some also complained that even the doorbell ring of the remote place does not activate the chat message, which it should. On the other hand, it sometimes shows a notification message to inform that the action is canceled. This does not provide foolproof security when you leave kids or seniors at home and you trust LaView Connect to provide security for them.

Can LaView cameras be viewed online?

You can view the cameras through the live view like any other application but along with that, you can also view the camera through multiple devices. For that, you do not have to log in from different devices but only scan the QR code on the web page. The app can be accessed from the live view of the camera.

But there should be only wi-fi cameras which are connected through power cables. This feature can be accessed through it then.

How can I check the LaView Connect camera through my laptop?

The wifi security camera for the LaView Connect needs to be charged. The power adapter can be used so the camera gets plugged in. Then the network cable needs to be connected to the camera and also to the router.

Now you can check the IP camera or LaView connect camera on the PC or even on the Mac. Next, you have to set the wifi settings and the network cable needs to be removed.

Can you use the LaView camera without Wifi?

Yes, the camera of LaView Connect can be worked without the internet. Even the HD analog security camera system will work even when the PC will be offline.

How can you get LaView Connect with the Mac?

You can load LaView Connect to the Mac OS from the links available on the internet. The file will first be downloaded and then as per the directions, you need to install it on your device.

Next, you have to add the device and then monitor the camera from the device. Using this app is a simple thing and with the help it you can view the remote area without much difficulty.

After adding the device to the application you need to scan the QR code we mentioned before in this guide. The instructions will appear gradually on the screen and the device will be thus connected to the application.

For Android phone users the downloading is simpler though, as it can be searched in the google play store. But for the PC and Mac users, the link needs to be searched for.


We are hoping that the backend moderators will be working on the flaws that we have mentioned here. The application is worthy of the popularity it has gained and it will provide you with mental peace along with safety.


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