iOS 16.1.1 CarPlay Not Working - How To Fix

iOS 16.1.1 CarPlay Not Working | How To Fix

CarPlay is not working for many of the users after their devices got the update to iOS 16.1.1. The glitch is taking place when the iPhone is being tried to connect with the car. Most of the users complain that they are seeing the error message of the device not supporting the accessory.

What are the problems faced by CarPlay users?

Other than that, there are also some problems like there is no sound coming from receiving or making calls. Then some users say that the CarPlay is not working as it used to when there was a 16.1 version installed. Sometimes the CarPlay turns off on its own and the sound comes back on Mick, which is the case with iPhone 13 Pro Max. Then it could also be that the CarPlay navigation does not work and apple maps or even Google Maps is not getting connected with the phone set.

iOS 16.1.1 CarPlay Not Working How To Fix

How to fix CarPlay stopped working?

The company says that there are some issues with the CarPlay 16.1.1 version and the next version will be able to fix all these glitches. But for the present situation, there are some hacks or methods to get rid of these issues.

  • Resetting the settings is a way to fix the issue. To do that, you have to open settings and find the General tab. Then you have to find the tab Transfer or Reset iPhone option.  From there you would go to the Reset button and then select the Reset all settings button.
  • The internet connection will be disconnected by doing this, so you need to know the wifi password which you need to put to the iPhone after it is reset.
  • The other option is canceling the pairing.  You can unpair and repair the device with CarPlay. You have to go to the CarPlay settings and from there you need to Remove the Vehicle from your iPhone. You will find the option in Settings, where under the General option you will select CarPlay and then Available Cars.
  • Check Remove iPhone and then Reboot iPhone. You can use the force restart option for that.
  • Now you need to Re-pair iPhone to the car. Then you have to toggle the CarPlay applications, which will let the functionality get started. The app will be working properly but you need to toggle the map of the CarPlay off.
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Does iOS 16 affect Apple CarPlay?

Yes, it sometimes affects the CarPlay, especially after a few new updates of iOS 16 are not compatible with the Apple CarPlay. There are features that are suited to CarPlay and those are available in everyone’s software.

Why is my Apple CarPlay not working suddenly?

Sometimes when the USB cable is not attached to the iPhone or to the car then this can happen. Also, the cable can become damaged or it can be broken. In such cases, the CarPlay would not work. If you have options for using different cables then you can replace them. When you have a wireless connection then you can initiate the Bluetooth connection in the iPhone and connect it with the CarPlay.

Can I use VPN and have the facility of Carplay on my iOS 16.1.1 phone?

If the phone is being used with VPN then CarPlay may stop working suddenly with the new update. You should disable the VPN until the new iOS 16.1.1 version is getting installed on your device.

Then you can go to the settings and find the General option. From there you need to find the VPN & Device Management button and then VPN. You will be able to disconnect it from there.

Now you have to update to the iOS 16.1.1 version.

How do I refresh Apple CarPlay to work with iOS 16.1.1 version?

Apple CarPlay can be reset so it starts working. You have to press the volume up button and then the volume down button. Now you have to hold the power on/off button and the iPhone will be restarted.

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Why the iPhone is not getting connected to the car through USB?

If the device does not get connected to the car after the installation of the iOS 16.1.1 version then you have to restart the device as well as the car. After the device is restarted, unlock the home screen and select the option to connect the iOS device to the car, and use CarPlay.

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