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SonyLIV App Not Working | How To Fix?

SonyLiv is one of the most popular applications which caters to people of all age groups, all classes, and tastes. The original Sony channel has brought their application form which can be watched on Android and other devices and even on Windows PC. Thus we would like to describe how the issues with this application can be solved and why these occur.

Why SonyLiv app is so special?

When you subscribe to the SonyLiv application, you can see various programs of different genres. You can be interested in thriller, comedy, adventure, cooking, or sports, and all these kinds of programs, movies, and shows will be there in this application. Also, you can watch the programs in different regional languages so this is a great option for entertainment lovers.

There you can see all the award ceremonies, some rare documentaries, and non-fictional shows all day. The range of the program provided by this application is just great for kids as well as mature people.

SonyLIV App

Why my SonyLiv app is not working on TV?

Making the application of Sonyliv work when it is having glitches on the TV is one of the commonest problems faced by users. They usually are advised to clear the cache and then restart the application. Sometimes the internet connection and data pack cause the problem.

It can be solved if you disconnect the data connection and then again connect it, it will start working again. The net issue gets resolved this way.

If the connection is disturbed then you can also switch the net source. If you are using one Wi-Fi and the application is not working properly, then you can log off from that wifi and get connected with another wifi connection. If the previous connection is faulty then after changing it you can find the programs running on the SonyLiv app smoothly.

Why does SonyLiv keep buffering?

When the TV or the Android phone or PC is kept far away from the router then it can slow down the speed of the internet which will result in buffering of the SonyLiv application. Try changing the position of the device or keep the router near the device so the connection does not get hampered.

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The wireless signal of the router sometimes gets broken as the weather gets cloudy or too many things are kept near the router. So keep the router in a clutter-free space and make sure that the TV set or the device on which you are watching the SonyLiv application is kept near the router.

Also, you can think of using a wired router with the device so the connection is more secure and continuous.

Does SonyLive work on TV?

Yes, the SonyLiv app works on Android TV sets, Samsung smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, FireTV devices, Roku Devices, Chromecast, and Apple TV. It naturally works for Sony Bravia smart TV. With SonyLiv Premium you can get full access to all the content from the SonyLiv application.

How do I get the SonyLiv app on my smart TV?

Find the google play store on your Smart TV. You can find the SonyLiv application there. Then you can download and install it on your TV. After the installation is done you can just click on the icon present in the home screen and it will ask for registration or signing up. When the process will be finished, you have to use a different code to sign in to the application and see the programs on your device.

Why SonyLiv app is not working on Samsung Smart TV?

As Samsung has its own app store, SonyLiv will not be available there. Thus you may need some other application like Tizen OS to play the SonyLiv application on a Samsung device. For the Indian audience, LG webOS is a better option to watch this application on Samsung TV.

How can I clear the cache on the SonyLiv application?

You have to go to the settings of the device from the home screen. There under the section TV, you will find a menu option. From Menu you will go to the Apps, from where you will find the SonyLiv application.

You will select the SonyLiv application and there you will find the option for clear cache. Clear the cache by selecting that and your application will run freshly on the TV.

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How do I update the SonyLiv application on my TV?

You have to go to the Google app store or Play Store to update the SonyLiv application on your device. When you are using it on TV then you can go to the TV menu and select the application first to work on the update.

From the app list, when you select a particular application, you will get the button for manage apps and games. There you will get to see the updates button. If the update is pending then the Update button will remain active. Otherwise, it will remain blurred or inactive. Thus you can get the update and then you can click on the button to get the update installed on your device.

Sometimes when the recent update is not installed in your device you may find that the application is not working properly and showing glitches. After getting the latest update installed you will find the application running seamlessly.

Why does my SonyLiv app keep stopping?

As we have already mentioned, you can find the internet problem slowing down the speed of the application. When the internet connection is slow, it does not keep up with the speed of the program running on the application.

The streaming program speed does not match the internet connection speed and thus, the consumers face buffering issues. The router can also be a slow one which will not be able to cater to the device at an equal speed and as a result, it will not show the program running smoothly.

Sometimes it can even stop the application altogether, which means the application needs to be force stopped by the device itself. You have to fix the internet connection issue and then restart the application.


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