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Woodoku App Not Working | How To Fix?

The much famous woodblock puzzle game for Android and iPhone users, Woodoku, sometimes glitches, and the players are much worried about it now. For the iPhone users as well as for the Android devices users, if the game does not run smoothly then the excitement of the playing gets lost. Thus we would be discussing this puzzle video game and the process to solve its glitches here in this guide.

What are the problems faced by the Woodoku players?

Sometimes the Woodoku players face issues like freezing or crashing the game. Also some other times there occurs some performance issues. In these matters, you should know some tricks to get over such things. We are describing the process in detail here.

The issue of freezing occurs constantly.  The game suddenly stops and the moves that you are giving do not occur in the game. The flow of the game gets lost and that is quite frustrating for the players. Sometimes it continues for minutes and hours, but before that, most players close the game and restart it. Some users also complain that the screen gets black and there is nothing to move or play. The issue does not get resolved until the device is restarted.

When the game crashes, it suddenly stops. It can happen in the middle of a game. The home page of the device is seen and the game needs to be restarted from the beginning. This is quite disturbing especially when you are scoring well.Woodoku App not working

What should you do to fix the not working Woodoku?

When the crashing or appearance of the black screen of the Woodoku game is temporary, then it does not require many attempts to get it fixed. You can check the recent application menu and from there you can select this game. You can stop this game from the list and restart it. This time the game should work normally.

When you are playing the game on your Android device then sometimes the issue is not fixed by just closing and restarting the game, you may need to go for a hard reboot. For this, you need to press the Home and Power button simultaneously.  This will switch off the device. Then you can press and hold the Power button until the screen lights up. This will restart the phone set. You can again start playing the game without glitches now.

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Sometimes the process does not work, and then you need to wait for the time until when the phone set actually switches off due to the power drainage. After the phone set is turned off, you can switch it on to the charger and then start the phone again, or else it will automatically switch on. Then you can see if you can play the game like before.

The other way of fixing the game of Woodoku and enjoying it like before is, by uninstalling the game from the mobile and then again reinstalling it. This will solve the problem of the game. The freshly installed game would not have the issues of the previous version. But along with deleting the game, you need to clear the cache of the game from your Android device.

When the cache will be cleared you can be assured that the game would run smoothly after you download it from the play store and install it. You can again log in to the account using your old account details so your data that are stored with the game cloud will help you to access the same account. The application will run successfully and you will not face any crashing or freezing problems.


Is Woodoku a free game?

Yes, among various paid games and applications for Android and iPhone, this is a free and constructive game that will help you to increase your concentration power. The advertisement of this game is now shown on TV so many users and game addicts came to know about this recently.

This game can be freely downloaded from the app store and it will be available both on the Google play store as well as the iOS app store. This is a puzzle game that relaxes you for some moments and takes the tension and stress away.

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What is the purpose of Woodoku?

You have to drag different shapes and colored blocks to solve the puzzle and this is the way you will score higher and higher in the game of Woodoku. There are usually three different shapes to play with and when you will match one singular colored block together you will score high points. You will create a row, column, or region by selecting similar colored blocks.

Does woodoku test your IQ?

This is a game of concentration and you will enjoy it in your free time.  This game becomes challenging after a point and you can be addicted to it. You have to place the wooden blocks on a 9×9 board and that required proper strategy and patience. Thus, not only IQ but also intelligence and method get improved if you play this game.

Can I play woodoku offline?

Yes, this game can be played offline. This is a classic example of a timepass when you can play the game anywhere and everywhere without worrying about the internet connection and data recharge of your device.

Does Woodoku use data?

Woodoku uses a third-party service that may collect your data put at the time of registration. The data is needed to recognize you as the gamer. The log data of the phone is accessed by the service provider and thus it can be used.

Why the game is called woodoku?

The game is named after the much popular Sudoku game and the structure of the puzzle is very similar in this game. This is a virtual wood block puzzle game and it has a 9×9 board or grid. The rows and columns need to be filled with similar colored wood blocks. You can keep the game on for a long time to increase the score level.


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