LazyPay App Not Working

LazyPay App Not Working | Reasons and Solutions

For the ones who have lesser time to manage all their economic duties, LazyPay is an application that helps them to pay the bills online. This is an Indian app and thus it can be used to make all payments within India only.

This application is brought to us by not any Chinese company but a thoroughly Indian company.

How does LazyPay work?

This is one of the fastest ways to pay any bills. When the client tries to pay some amount online after purchasing it, at the checkout he or she has to select the Pay Later option. Then with the help of LazyPay, the payment is done.

When you will use Lazypay for the first time, you have to enter the phone number and set a personalized limit of credit. This amount will be used for your online payments and this application works for more than 100 online shopping sites. You can make purchases from the websites like Swiggy, Zomato, Bookmyshow, Airtel, and many more.

LazyPay App Not Working- How to Fix

What happens if I don’t pay Lazypay?

When the user of the Lazypay account holder does not pay the credited amount from the application even after the BNPL statement is issued within the due date then the Lazypay account will be suspended by the company.

Is LazyPay trusted?

Yes, it is pretty much a trusted application for the payment of all the bills. This is also the easiest and quickest way to pay the bills and it will not hamper your financial security. This is a reputed application and thus is used by many.

Lazypay is a part of PayU India and thus, it follows all the RBI guidelines. The terms and conditions are there to comply with the new and modified guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India which directs to not follow the prepaid mode so the credit lines do not get overloaded.

What is the limit of LazyPay?

The maximum payment limit set by LazyPay is Rs. 1, 00,000. This is the regular payment limit but you can contact customer care for further queries anytime.

Which bank is connected with LazyPay?

The account of RBL Bank is connected with a LazyPay credit card. This account will avail the users of a wide selection of rewards and added benefits while using this account.

Does LazyPay reduce credit scores?

If you make payments through this app regularly then the credit score of your account will gradually increase. But if you use only 50% of the credit limit for a long time then the credit score will be hampered and can be reduced over time.

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How do I pay back Lazypay?

There are a few steps to pay back the amount to Lazypay.

Open the app Lazypay on your device. Then tap on the option called “Pay now”. Here you will get the preferred payment mode from where you can select the right mode of your choice. Then you can pay the due amount to this application.

Is LazyPay a credit card or a credit line?

There is a credit card offered by Lazypay which is known as Lazycard. This one is truly called the revolutionary credit card. This works more like a prepaid credit card. The users can carry it with them and when there is a need for any payment then this card will let them pay from their connected bank account.

Is LazyPay a loan app?

Lazypay can work like a loan application. This property has made it one of the most popular options for giving personal loans. There is no need for any paper documentation and it works thoroughly digitally. It does not ask for any collateral and any property paper or even a bank visit. Some basic information is required and the eligibility is tested before you can use this application.

Who is eligible for LazyPay?

If you want to get a loan from the application Lazypay, then you have to be a minimum of 18 years of age or above. Being an Indian citizen is mandatory and along with that, you have to provide details for completing KYC. There should be a steady source of income and that can be a service or some business.

Can I withdraw cash from LazyPay?

There is one method under Lazypay which is called Xpress cash. You can get up to Rs. 5, 00,000 transferred to your bank account instantly.

Do all the shopping sites in India accept payment through LazyPay?

Yes, you can buy things from almost all the popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart by using Lazypay.  Later you will receive reminders on the mailbox from this app to pay the amount from your bank to the app. It will also provide you with the facility of no-cost EMI. By mail, you will be able to track the amount of payment and also manage the faster method of repayment.

Will LazyPay increase the credit limit?

Yes, Lazypay has the option of increasing the credit limit. Once the user verifies the bank account and gets approval for the KYC, and the repayment setup is fixed then the limit can be increased. But if you have already gone through all the processes and yet you want to increase the credit limit, then it will increase with time.  A few months later when the payment and repayment will be continuous and regular then the limit can be increased.

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Is Lazypay card lifetime free?

Yes, the Lazypay card does not cost anything monthly or even on a one-time basis. There are no hidden charges or joining fees or annual subscriptions for this card. This will be a free service as long as you are holding an account with Lazypay.

Why my Lazypay is not working?

Some internet providers in India have blocked Lazypay’s website and as a result, people from different areas are complaining that their cards are not being accepted for payment on different sites. The Prosus-owned websites send a message to their users mentioning that this action has been taken as per the direction of the IT Ministry.

Other than this, there could be other issues like you have not cleared the pending bill, and your credit limit has been exceeded. Thus on such occasions the payment through Lazypay will be hampered or temporarily blocked.

You can find the issue in the Manage Card section where you will get proper information regarding your account and also if there is any problem you can check the emails. Contacting them over mail is yet another option to probe about the disruption.

How can I contact Lazypay customer service?

There is a contact number mentioned on their site which is 080690811111. The call timing is Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

Also, you can mail them to [email protected].

Is Lazypay closed?

As many customers are suffering from the disruption of service, they may assume that this website has been shut down and the service will not be available anymore. But the reality is not so. We have already claimed that Lazypay is an arm of PayU some features like the Buy Now Pay Later service have been suspended.

According to the Reserve Bank of India, the Pre payment system had to be stopped. This happened when the new guidelines have been updated due to the fintech startup Slice on this platform.


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