Applinked for Firestick – How To Download?

In the modern era of digital streaming, Firestick has played a major role in revolutionizing the way we watch our favorite shows and movies. With its ease of use and high-quality streaming capabilities, Firestick has become a go-to device for anyone looking for an exceptional streaming experience. Adding to this experience is Applinked, a third-party app store that provides access to a plethora of applications not available on the Amazon App Store. In this article, we will guide you on how to download Applinked for Firestick and open up a whole new world of entertainment.


Features of the Applinked application for Firestick

1. Download third-party applications
Applinked allows you to download and install third-party applications on your Firestick. This means that you can access a wider range of applications than what is available on the official Amazon Appstore.

2. User-friendly interface
The Applinked application has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. This makes it easy for users to search for and download applications.

3. No subscription required
Unlike some other applications, there is no subscription required to use Applinked. This means that users can download and use the application for free.

4. Safe to use
Applinked is safe to use as it only provides links to APK files that are hosted on reliable websites. This means that users do not have to worry about malware or other security threats.

5. Easy to install
Installing Applinked on your Firestick is easy. Users can simply visit the Amazon Appstore and search for “Applinked”. Once the application is installed, users can start downloading third-party applications.

6. Large selection of applications
Applinked offers a large selection of third-party applications for users to download. This means that users can find a wide range of applications for entertainment, productivity, and more.

7. Regularly updated
Applinked is regularly updated with new links to APK files. This makes it easy for users to find and download the latest versions of their favorite applications.

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8. Compatible with Firestick
Applinked is compatible with Firestick, making it easy for users to download and install third-party applications on their Amazon device.

9. Customizable Homescreen
Applinked offers customizable homescreen where users can manage and organize the applications as per their preference.

10. No Jailbreaking Required
Unlike many third-party app providers, Applinked can be accessed and used on your device without any jailbreaking.

These are some of the features of the Applinked application for Firestick, which allows users to download and install third-party applications on their Amazon device.

Applinked for Firestick – How To Download?

Step 1: First, you need to go to the official website of Applinked and download the APK file on your computer.

Step 2: Now, you need to enable the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option on your Amazon Firestick by going to the “Settings” menu and selecting the “My Fire TV” or “Device” option.

Step 3: In the “Developer Options” menu, turn on the option for “Apps from Unknown Sources.”

Step 4: After that, you need to connect your Firestick to your computer using a USB cable. You can use a micro-USB to USB cable for this. Also, be sure to have the Firestick remote handy.

Step 5: On your computer, launch a web browser and go to the “Downloader” website.

Step 6: Download and install the “Downloader” app on your Firestick. You can find it in the Amazon App store.

Step 7: Once the app is installed, open it on your Firestick and enter the URL of the Applinked APK file that you downloaded earlier.

Step 8: Download and install the Applinked app on your Firestick.

Step 9: Launch the app on your Firestick, and you are now ready to use it.

Step 10: Finally, you can browse through the different apps available on the Applinked app store and download and install them on your Firestick.

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That’s it! By following these simple steps, you can easily download and use Applinked on your Firestick.


1. Can I download the Applinked application on my Firestick?
Answer: Yes, you can easily download the Applinked application on your Firestick device by following the simple steps mentioned on their website.

2. Is Applinked a free application?
Answer: Yes, Applinked is a completely free application that allows you to download and use various third-party apps on your Firestick device.

3. Is it safe to download third-party apps using Applinked?
Answer: Yes, Applinked has strict security policies in place to ensure the safety of its users. However, it is always recommended to use caution and download apps from known and trusted sources.

4. Can I use Applinked to download apps that are not available on the Amazon App Store?
Answer: Yes, Applinked provides access to a wide variety of third-party apps that are not available on the Amazon App Store.

5. Does Applinked work on all Firestick devices?
Answer: Yes, Applinked is compatible with all Firestick devices, including the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, and the Fire TV Cube.


In conclusion, Applinked is an excellent tool for Firestick users who want to download third-party apps that are not available on the Amazon app store. With its user-friendly interface, easy installation process, and vast library of apps, Applinked has become a popular choice for Firestick users looking to expand their streaming options. While the process of downloading Applinked may seem daunting, this guide has demonstrated that it is a simple and straightforward process that anyone can follow. By following the steps outlined above, Firestick users can take advantage of the benefits that Applinked has to offer and improve their streaming experience.

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