What Is The Best Android OS For PC

What Is The Best Android OS For PC?

When one is selecting the android OS for running his or her PC, he or she will try to find the most functional android OS which will have fewer issues and more flexibility along with user-friendly techniques.

Which OS is faster for a PC?

Different OS systems function differently with different versions of windows. Windows 10 or 11 is faster but Linux works better for most PCs and evolved desktops. Window 10 and even window 8 is still being used by many people but it gets slower with time. Thus you could get more benefits from the Linux system.

Can Android OS run on a PC?

If you use Android –x86 on the PC then it will run directly here. This can be downloaded on the PC to run android successfully. Or else there is another method of running android on your PC.  If you want to run android independently on your PC then an ISO Disc image can be downloaded and using Rufus you can burn it to the external USB drive.

What Is The Best Android OS For-PC

Which OS is most powerful for windows?

For the PC, MS office has been the most useful and powerful OS, be it the old version of windows 95 or the new windows 10. It has always been useful for computing systems. This one works fast and it opens and shuts the program faster. If you use the newest version of MS office then you would be able to achieve the great security system of this program which will keep your data safe.

Which is the lightest OS for a PC?

When you want to work with a PC with less than 1GB and this is an old machine, then there are some Linux distros that will run successfully. These are Porteus, Bodhi Linux, Arch Linux, Puppy Linux, Tiny Core Linux, etc.

Which OS uses less RAM?

iOS which is actually the operating system of the iPhone uses less RAM. Thus the top-rated android smartphones need only 8 -12 GB of RAM and others come with 6 GB RAM.

Now we will discuss the five best android OS in detail.

1. Bluestack

Bluestack would be the top one in our list of PC-friendly android OS. This one is the most popular android emulator which can download many android apps on the PC. Even you can play android games on a PC with the help of this emulator or OS.

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This is a rather lightweight application that will not take much place to run on the PC. There is a real-time translation that will allow you to play the apps in the local language. Also, there is the feature of enjoying the visuals in HD quality.


  • It will be played on Linux, windows, and even macOS
  • This can run along with the previously present operation system


  • Older systems will not be compatible with Bluestack and also it is not suitable for all the controllers

2. ChromeOS

This OS has recently become very popular and for due reasons. It can be run on the low-power Chromebook and thus it is now suitable for different kinds of machines. This one is most compatible with the Chromebook and as this device is used by lots of students, ChromeOS has gained such quick popularity.

This is a rather fast working UI with lightweight. It can run on both Windows and Mac. This will launch very fast which indicates its efficiency. Also, it will provide extra security and keep your account protected. When you need a good speed on your low-powered computer then going for ChromeOS would be ideal. It will also help you with key mapping and the games would be optimized by this OS.


  • It can be used as an independent operating system
  • It can be thoroughly customized and games will be automatically optimized


  • Does not work as simply as an android emulator

3. Phoneix OS

This OS is a secure and functional OS for the PC. You can play the games of your choice and download apps of your liking on your PC with the help of this OS. There is a multi-windows operative system in Phoneix OS. Also, the one-key toggle system is rather useful for users.

It comes with the x64 architecture support which increases the memory and data bus.  There is also a facility for Ethernet and LAN support for better connectivity. It will allow you to get multiple accounts on the same device for the same platform as it can clone the app to run on different accounts.

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You can get the file manager in here and you can get to search the topics or files universally from this Os.


  • It can be run with the android 7.1 version which is needed for most the modern video games
  • You can add any launcher later and the home screen can be customized accordingly


  • You have to bear with the ads in between the program

4. Android x86

This has been designed as an open-source program so you get to experience the android feature on your PC. This is being worked on by multiple developers so it has gained precision working. This OS is enabled for Apache Public License 2.0 and it can give your PC Samsung Dex-like visual clarity.

This OS is not built for games so it will not let you do the custom mapping or even provide high speed. But it provides Bluetooth features and multitasking is easy with it.


  • It has similarities with Lineage OS
  • It is being developed continuously so required features are getting added


  • Slower in work than another android OS

5. Prime OS

This one is one of the top-rated OS for PC users. You can download and run any of your favorite games or app on the PC with this OS. This can be run on both Windows and Mac and it will offer you the best desktop experience. The UI is simple yet catchy.

Key mapping is possible along with game control customization. This is a secure way of using the android features on your PC and it will also offer you to manage the graphic settings. The performance of this OS is very fast and smooth.


  • Can be installed with a separate boot manager
  • Optimized for the best gaming experience


  • Security updates are not regular

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