6 Best Fixes For Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

6 Best Fixes For Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

Chromebook is created to help you get more help with the work and this is a new generation technology to use the best of the internet services. We can use ChromeOS with Chromebook and it comes with cloud storage where all your important information will be kept safely.

This is one of the best products from Google and it is a very safe option for working as it comes with multiple layers of security. It needs an internet connection to run and work. But when it comes to the keyboards, sometimes it gets rather tricky to use them.

How can you check the keyboard of the Chromebook?

We have one simple solution to mend the disturbed keyboard of the Chromebook. You need to turn off the Chromebook and then switch it on again. It can sometimes fix the problem of the keyboard.

Also, another way of checking the condition of the keyboard is, by using the keys as a guest.  In case your account has a problem, then while working as a guest your keyboard will be functional. After checking the condition of the keyboard as a guest user, you can be assured that it is the problem with the keyboard or just the mail account needs to be changed or recreated.

6 Best Fixes For Chromebook Keyboard Not-Working

How do I get to work with the keyboard of the Chromebook?

Using the Chromebook is a simple process and when you are using it, you will simultaneously use the keyboard. After you are signed in to Chromebook you have to go to the right corner of the bottom of the page. From there you can select the time and accessibility functions.  There under the Keyboard and text input, you will find the button for the On-screen keyboard.

Can I reset my keyboard for the Chromebook?

There is a refresh key on the Chromebook which you need to press and hold. At the same time, you also have to press and hold the power key of the gadget. It may take as long as 10 seconds. After releasing the refresh key you will still be holding the power key. This will lead to the resetting of the keyboard in your Chromebook.

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Is there any keyboard lock button on Chromebook?

If you want to lock the keyboard on your Chromebook you have to press the Search button along with the L key. Or else you can press Launcher and L keys at the same time to lock the keyboard.

What are the six best methods to fix the issue with the Chromebook keyboard?

If the volume or the brightness of the device is not as per your comfort then you can increase or decrease the level of these features by going to the upper or lower level of the particular buttons.

When there is the need for forwarding or backward buttons and those ones do not work, you can find the icons on the web browser window. If these buttons are a grey screen that means there is no page forward or backward to go. In such a situation, the forward or backward button will not work. But if the case is that the onscreen buttons are black and yet the keys are not working, then you may need to give the Chromebook a restart to see if everything is working fine.

Sometimes completing a hard reset on the Chromebook helps the machine to get restarted and the keyboard starts working normally. This leads to the resetting of the computer hardware and that is what makes the Chromebook work.

We have already discussed the option of browsing and using the keyboard as a guest. In case the keyboard is working fine and this is a problem with the user’s account, the problem will be detected.

Restarting the Chromebook once fixes many small glitches on the keyboard. Also, this is the first and foremost option to be used to solve keyboard problems.

Sometimes the owners’ account of the Chromebook faces some problems. At that point, the Chromebook needs a factory reset to make it work and that is how it will again begin working normally.

How can you correct words automatically with the keyboard on Chromebook?

After signing in to the account on your Chromebook, you have to go to the settings option. This symbol looks like a gear is present on the home screen. From there you have to go to the Device option and then select Keyboard. There you would find the Change language and input settings. Here you have to choose the Input method.

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After this is done, you need to open a new tab. The tab for auto-correction will be there. You have to go to that option and choose the level of auto-correction. Most users choose High as they want to make sure that there would not any mistakes in their typing.

Can you enable the Chromebook keyboard to show suggestions for words while typing?

After signing in to the Chromebook and going to the settings, you have to click on the Device option. From there you will get Keyboard. There you will find an option for changing language and input settings.

After choosing the Input method, you will open a new tab. There you will find the Auto-Correction button. You can choose the level of auto-correction from the Modest or High options. Also, click on the box mentioning Enable Next Word prediction. This will allow you to get suggestions for the words while typing on a keyboard.

Can I apply personal Info suggestions on the Chromebook keyboard?

Yes, it can be done on the Chromebook with the help of some keys on the keyboard. You have to open the Chromebook and then type some key phrase like ‘my address is’. After you finish this typing, there would be suggestions appearing. You can select the appropriate suggestion and press the down arrow key and enter.

When it comes to adding the information, you have to again go to settings. There you will find the option Advanced.  This time you will find options for languages and input. Then click on Suggestions. There will be an option called Manage Personal Information.

There are many options under this; you can choose each option individually like “address”, “contact number” etc. click on Add to add one option or if you want to edit the previously put information then click on edit.

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