Download And Install Shadow Rocket For PC

Download And Install ShadowRocket For PC/Mac/Windows 7.8.10

When you need to fit your iPhone or Android devices or even windows PC to a proxy server, ShadowRocket will be there to configure the devices so these get ready for that server. By using this application you can measure the traffic and the internet speed also gears up. iOS systems get ready for the proxy server when you download this app on your device.

Why do you need ShadowRocket?

  • This is a VPN solution that will let the users use the internet securely but secretly. It provides the benefit of using the net with an encrypted protocol so you do not get tracked by any third party.
  • It will give you quick access to connect to any website by connecting to the VPN server, and you do not have to search for a long time.
  • There is an automatic update button in the shadow rocket which will let the application update when there will be any pending update available.
  • The subscription for the shadow-rocket will be renewed automatically if you click on the automatic renewal check box.
  • This application supports multiple languages like Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese other than English.

Download And Install Shadow Rocket For PC-MAC-WINDOWS

How much does it cost for a ShadowRocket VPN?

Shadowrocket VPN costs only one time and its purchase value will be 3 USD. This is a licensed product and thus you need rightful use of it.

How can you use ShadowRocket as a proxy?

When you want to use shadowboxes as a proxy you need to open the application on your device and then click on Add Server option. A window will appear where you can type. You need to select HTTP and then again get back to the previous screen. Now you can enter the Proxy and other authentication information required.

How do I use ShadowRocket on Mac?

  • After downloading the application on the Mac, you have to move to the iTunes account.
  • Log in by putting in proper details and under the client area you will find the option for Shadowrocket. It needs to be downloaded by clicking on the download button and then your iTunes login details will be once more required.
  • Go to the Mac App store and search for this application. There you can search for it and will find it. Then you can safely use it on the iPad or iPhone.
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How can you download ShadowRocket for PC with windows 8, 10, and 11?

  • Using ShadowRocket allows you to bypass the censoring of protocols and use the internet as you wish. Shadowcoket comes with a global server and thus you can access it anywhere for free. The traffic from HTTP servers will be captured by this application and it will be redirected to the proxy server.
  • You will require an android emulator to be installed on your PC first. This will help you to emulate the android OS and then you can run the application. There are various emulators but it is better to use renowned ones like Bluestack and MEmu play.
  • In the case of either of the emulators, you have to download these first and then click on the icon to open it. On the home screen of the emulator, you will search for Google play store. Then you can search for the Shadow rocket app in the search bar.
  • When found, click on the install button. The app, when installed, will be found on the homepage of the emulator. Then click on the icon to get it started on your PC.

Why do you need an emulator for ShadowRocket?

All the applications in modern times are created to use in mobile phones. But if you like to use some applications on the PC then you have to search for some tricks. By downloading ShadowRocket on your PC or laptop with windows 10, 8, or 7 versions you can play games like PUBG, Subway Surfers, Snapseed, and many more.

These games are particularly available for android or iOS version devices. But when you will use some android emulators you can easily enjoy them on your PC or laptop with a wide screen.
For the same reason, as Shadowrocket does not have any official version for windows devices, you need to use emulators like Bluestack and MEmu play to utilize this on your PC.

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For the Bluestack emulator

You have to download the latest version of Bluestack on your PC with windows. The installation process is pretty simple and you can easily get it done from the link available on the internet. When Bluestack setting up will be completed, which will take a minute or two, you can find the Google Play store which should be available in Bluestack.
From there you can find Shadowrocket and click on it to download it on your PC or laptop. You will get the install button to download and install it. Then from the listed apps of Bluestack you can find this app and can use it.
In case you want to use an apk file you can import it. Then you can use it in the same way described above.

For the MEmu play

As MEmu play is yet another popular emulator, some users would like to download it to use Shadowrocket. This emulator is quite user-friendly and can be used much more simply.
You have to download and install MEmu play from the various links available on the internet. However, find a trusted source that would be safe for your device. Memu play can be downloaded from the website which will be authentic.
After the emulator gets installed you need to find and open the Google Play store. The app can be easily found from the icon at Memu play.
After opening the Google play store, search for Shadowrocket. Get it installed on your device and start working with it. You will find the icon of this app on the home page of the emulator.
Memu play is usually lighter than other emulators and it will not take up much space in the memory of your PC or laptop. Also, this emulator is more suitable for gamers so if you plan to play games after getting ShadowRocket, then it will be a more likable option.


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