7 Best Volume Booster-Apps For Android

7 Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

Volume boosters have come into play when it comes to improving the audio quality of phones. But it is tough to decide that which one is best and which is not because not all volume boosters are good for Android phones some can be harmful to them. You need to look into various features before choosing the best volume booster app for Android.

You need to choose the best volume booster for your Android phone so that it not only enhances the audio quality of the phone but also provides other important features. We have listed down the 7 best volume booster apps for android so that you can choose from the list which one is best suited for you and make sure what exactly you want in your volume booster so that it works properly.

7 Best Volume Booster Apps For-Android

7 Best Volume Boosters for Android

The 7 best volume boosters for Android that you will find that will enhance the audio quality and improves your listening experience are given below:-

1. Super volume booster

The Super Volume Booster is one of the best volume boosters for your Android devices. The best thing about this app is that it has a user-friendly interface which makes it quite easy for the user to get the best results in no time and also use it with full ease. You can also find that it also has various themes from which you can choose so that you can easily change the appearance of the app.

Also, it supports all types of audio i.e. in a video, games, etc. without compromising the quality of the audio. This Super Volume Booster also gives the spectrum of live sound that makes it an even more amazing app when you are playing music in the background.

2. Precise Volume

The next one on the list is the Precise Volume which is also the best volume booster for Android. You have more options in this app when compared to other apps giving you lots of choices to choose from. You can control the volume the way you want to and that is also without much of a hassle. You can download the app free of cost and for the pro version of the app, you need to pay.

But still, its basic version is also good and provides you with lots of features. There is also an option for dark mode in this in order for night viewing. Also for various devices, you can easily change the volume and that is the reason it is considered to be the best volume booster. You can even preset the use of your headphone accordingly and that is only possible with the help of this amazing volume booster app.

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3. Equalizer

The Equalizer is known to be an amazing volume booster and is also popular for improving sound quality. The Equalizer not only increases the loudness of the sound but also will enhance the audio quality. This app also offers the user a 5-band equalizer that will offer lots of features and that is the reason you need to get this Equalizer volume booster for Android.

There is even a sound amplifier, bass booster, 11 stock preset sound profiles, and even a Reverb preset and with all these features this is on our list of best volume boosters for Android. So depending on your device you will be able to experience sound quality without any distortions.

4. VLC for android

The VLC for android is also the best volume booster because it is a free multimedia player that not only boosts up the volume but also it also plays various multimedia files. There are lots of other features too in this like it supports all kinds of audio files and also it comes with other features like filters, equalizers, etc.

The best thing about this app is that it also supports gesture control which makes it upgrade and easy to handle. You can easily preset the sound profile according to the music that you want to listen to. The app has lots of features to offer and that is the reason that is a popular app that not only is a sound booster but also has lots of other things to offer.

5. Boom

The Boom is a music player app that not only boots the volume but even has other features like an equalizer that is built-in, bass boost, etc. these features are best known for improving the audio quality. Due to all these features, it is the best volume booster and music player app for your Android device that can be enjoyed and easily handled by the users.

You can lots of benefits with this Boom music player and which provides various audio effects which also include loudness, custom-tuned equalizer, etc. You will be amazed that you are getting both the volume booster app and even the music player in one app which is a perfect combination for the users.

6. Wavelet

The Wavelet is also considered one of the best volume boosters for androids and especially for headphones and also the best for android too. There is a large library for you to choose the sound optimizations and you can apply them to your headphones in order to improve the sound quality.

This Wavelet will increase the volume of the headphones and even restore the balance between the channels between both rights and left. You can download this awesome app for free but in order to have access to some different features or locked-in features you need to do the purchasing for that stuff. The user interface of the app is quite easy to use and handle as it is user-friendly.

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7. Poweramp Equalizer

The Poweramp Equalizer is the last one on our list but is not the least one which is why it is a great option when you need to choose the best volume booster for android. In this, there is a built-in preamp that can be used for listening, to any kind of sound in enhanced quality.

You can even save the adjustments in order to conveniently use the app. The features are awesome and you can activate the features of your choice on the basis of your device. This comes from the trustworthy brand Poweramp which is why the users can trust it without any doubt and enjoy its services by using it.

These are the 7 best volume booster apps for Android that you can find in order to enhance the volume and the audio quality. You need to be first, be aware of your device then only you will know which are the best volume boosters for your device and accordingly choose the best one from the list.

The more you will use the volume booster the more you will enjoy the audio experience that is offered by it. So make sure that you make a wise decision and enjoy the features offered by the volume booster of your choice and mostly free of cost.

Final thoughts:

Volume boosters are very important nowadays as the video quality is improved so is the audio quality which you need to make sure that you will be provided with the help of a volume booster. This will help you to boost the volume of your device to some extent and even clear the sounds that you cannot understand by offering various features to improve the quality of the sound and not only the level of loudness.

If the sound quality is improved the overall experience improves and that is why you are able to enjoy the best of everything with these volume boosters. So make sure that you wisely choose the best volume booster for your android device so that you can have an incomparable audio experience. The volume booster needs to be compatible with your device too only then it will be able to work.


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