Notability for Windows PC and Mac

Notability for Windows PC and Mac

Notability offers the users the best feature to put down the thoughts or plans that come to their mind immediately and save them for future planning or modification. As for the specific features, this application allows you to create a document and later you can edit it by dragging and dropping different files present on your device. It can be another document; a photo etc. even adding an audio recording to this document is possible for the users.

Why should I choose Notability?

  • This application comes with regular modifying features along with fast creation. But the safety of saving the document is also enabled in this app. You will get an iCloud syncing option on your device which will be the place where you keep this file stored.
  • Notes get synced with the audio files so you can later hear the audio file while reading the note which means you get to understand how the note was explained in the audio file.
  • You can import here the PPTs, PDFs, and even GIFs which makes the note interesting as well as enriched with information.
  • You can share the Notability note through Dropbox, Airdrop, Box, google drive, and even OneDrive. Thus sharing the file with anyone who has one of these programs will be easy.
  • Notability is a paper-free solution to keep the documentation alright and also maintain the environment. Note-making becomes simple and as easy as writing on pen and paper. Along with that, it becomes also more interesting and functional.
  • You can lock the note made by notability by using the lock ID so your note will not be read or accessed by anyone even if he or she uses the same device.
  • This is a Microsoft Windows app and it has got the lift from a renowned brand like this, so you can be assured to use the best app for note-making.
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Notability for Windows PC and-Mac

How can you use Notability for PC?

You can actually convert a handwritten document to a soft file text format with this application. This app has the ability to understand handwriting and convert it into text format. Also, it can understand 14 languages. So people, who need their notes to be converted into doc format and yet are lazy to type those, will be highly benefitted from this application.

User-friendliness is yet another feature of this application. You do not have to understand the nuances of formatting or you would not have to pay attention to the difficult methods of converting the handwriting to text format, nor will the locking of file take much time. All the features are easy to understand and directions are easy to comprehend.

The close-up writing feature will let the screen scroll when you are trying to synchronize the symmetry of the lines. You will only concentrate on writing and the application will take care of the rest.

Color and style variation is yet another alluring part of this application. Like any note-taking app, this must be added to make notes or documents look interesting and also more comprehendible.  Different page styles are also available so you can select different styled pages for doing math or drawing a figure.

The size, font, and color of letters are present there. Also, you can put bullets and paragraphing styles. Just like any software with a documentation facility, Notability will allow you to edit and modify text the way you like. Even you can make two documents side by side and that gives you chance to multitask on two different projects at the same time.

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Making notes by taking some audio recordings is possible through this app. This gives you the rare chance of taking points down by not actually writing in between the lectures but just using the app when the lecture is going on.

Drawing shapes of your choice and using flowcharts or pictograms on the pages is possible in Notability. Even PDF files can be annotated with this app.

How to get the Notability app on PC or Mac?

You can download this app through any emulator if you are not using it on Mac or iPad. In Mac or iPad devices, this app can be downloaded and installed by searching from any app store.

In the case of a Windows PC, you need to install a functional and safe emulator. Then the Mac operating system needs to be installed through that emulator as this app is not found on the Google play store.

From the Apple store, you will get the Notability app, which you will download and install and then access from the icon found on the home page.


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