Is FileHippo Safe For Software-Downloads

Is FileHippo Safe For Software Downloads?

Using Filehippo is necessary for the ones who love to download various kinds of files on their own PC. This site is famous for helping geeks to get computer software for windows. This software downloading site is safe as per the users as it has got 4.41 stars from the review of 17 users. As per their experience, this site can be counted as a safe one from where you can download any software you wish, and is available over there.

Why you will use Filehippo?

Filehippo has some unique features that they can boast about.  The best software version will be available in Filehippo so you can trust the site to provide you with the original version of the software and no malware would be downloaded automatically along with.

The site provides the users with a “Filehippo Update Checker”. There is no need to check the software individually in Filehippo to get information about the latest update. You will click on this option and the site will let you know about any available updates for the programs.

Is FileHippo Safe For Software Downloads

They provide a fast server that ensures that your downloading will be really fast and your data will not be wasted due to buffering. The 100Mb connection of this site makes it easy for the users to download any software faster.

The old version of the program stays intact on the PC so when the user does not like the new version he or she can reuse the older version and not be forced to use the new version of the software.

Filehippo has sections listing the most recently updated software as well as the most popular downloads. From this list, the user can find the latest version of any software that he or she may need to use on their PC. Also, the popular download list shows which are new and trending software.

How can I download the program from Filehippo to my laptop?

  • For Windows 10 users, the system of downloading a file from Filehippo would be like this.
  • Open the website of Filehippo in your web browser. Then click on the file name that is listed on the site and that you would like to get on your PC.
  • On clicking the program name, the file would start getting downloaded to your device. Or else there could be a separate download button that needs to be clicked to let the downloading start.
  • When you will select Save, the program file will be saved in the memory of the device. Usually, this file would be found in the download folder.
  • When you will select save as you will be able to change the location of the file saving.
  • Now double-click on the program file and let it run so you can start using the software.
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Who owns Filehippo?

Softonic owns the site Filehippo. You can see the home page of Filehippo to find that it has the owner’s name as Softonic International, S.A.  They hold the license and use of the logo of Filehippo.

What do the users say about the trust and safety of Filehippo?

Most of the users are happy with the service of Filehippo. One says that getting all the necessary files on Filehippo is much helpful. But when downloading the software you must pay attention to the add-ons that are additionally being downloaded on your device. You should check all the notifications and not rush into the downloading process. Else the add-on files would also crowd your laptop.

This site provides free software to the users and that is a great deal. You do not have to buy the software that you need from Filehippo.

The website works amazingly and it provides all the possible and trending software. This site will not let you down when you need programs for video watching or even photo editing. There is software available that will serve the different purposes of the modern generation.

However, according to some users, when one is a newbie and does not know the way to proceed through the software download, then after clicking on the download button one can go to other sites that the page leads to. The best way is to shut those unnecessary windows and continue with the process of actual software downloading process.

Also sometimes the adware can get downloaded in your PC while you will try to get the upgraded version of your software from Filehippo. To avoid such issues, one needs to remove all the old files of the same software and clear the cache, cookies, and tracking software before downloading the updated version.

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Filehippo does not ask for the account login so you do not have to put your personal details; there is no risk of getting your personal information saved on the site database or misused. You do not have to take time for signing up, just download the program you need to work with.

As we have already mentioned, the users also comply that Filehippo provides virus-free software. There is always the risk of getting some adware or malware into your system when you will download some programs from random sources. But Filehippo will be a secure and trustworthy source to get all the required software in the same place.

The site has some additional features like the cleaner which takes care of the cookies and temporary files when you will download software from here. Also, the site possesses AVG antivirus which keeps the laptop or PC free from any malware or virus. There is a file compression facility so you can download files of programs in compressed form and thus, less data will be used. There are backup utilities that will save you from situations when the PC will shut down accidentally.

There is an option for getting back the older version of the software that you do not like the new version of, and that will be provided by a direct link. This is yet another brownie point for Filehippo. We would also like to add that there is no trial version of Filehippo and from day one you can use all the features flexibly and comfortably.


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