How To Fix Jio Cinema PiP Not Working On iOS

How To Fix Jio Cinema PiP Not Working On iOS?

Using PiP for watching Jio cinema on the mobile phone is a part of the entertainment dose for the new generation. When do you see that Jio cinema is not being played on PiP on your iOS device what you should do? Let us discuss this.

PiP is the abbreviation for picture-in-picture mode of watching, and it lets you enjoy the movie while you can also use some other applications on the iPhone. When you start the Jio Cinema on the phone press the home button, and the program will continue to play while you will be enjoying other features of the mobile.

Why Jio cinema is not running in PiP mode on my iOS?

In general, you need to turn the PiP mode on your iOS device. For that, you need to go to the setting of your device.  You will find a Picture in Picture option, under which you need to select PiP automatically. After this, you need to click on it to open Jio Cinema. If the app is not playing in PiP mode then you can restart your device and see if it starts working.

How To Fix Jio Cinema PiP Not Working On-iOS

How to fix the issue of the Jio cinema not running in PiP?

There are a few things that are general but then there are a few things that do not let the Jio cinema run on iOS devices of some particular versions, we will try to cover all the different kinds of problems.

The app Jio cinema should be compatible with the iOS device. Sometimes the app developers do not keep the option of playing it in the PiP mode. For example, Youtube cannot be watched in PiP mode and that is how you need to see if Jio Cinema is compatible with PiP mode or not.

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Sometimes the users of iOS devices are capable of understanding how the PiP mode works, and thus the functionality of this mode remains unmanageable. Usually when the device is compatible with the Jio Cinema app and the app contains PiP mode then it shows the PiP icon at the corner of the screen. Clicking on that you can unlock this feature and let the movie play in a small window.

When you need to exit from the PiP mode, you can double-tap on the small screen and it will again be enlarged. Also, the small window of Jio Cinema can be shifted to another corner of the screen by just tapping and dragging.

Sometimes when the Jio Cinema app is not been updated for a while and a new version has been launched then it can give you some hassles. See if there is any update pending for Jio Cinema by going to the play store. After getting the proper update you can find that the Jio cinema app is working perfectly in PiP mode on your iOS device.

After upgrading the app it is still not playing well in PiP mode then you may need to uninstall the application and then reinstall it from the play store. The fresh version of the app will surely give you no problem.

However, sometimes your application like Jio cinema stays updated but the software update of your iOS phone remains pending. Then also the problem of seeing the application in PiP mode will be faced. Thus when you update the Jio Cinema application, also check for the software update that might remain pending. Update the software of the iOS device and you will find that the Jio Cinema will play in PiP mode alright.

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Sometimes even the most difficult situations do not get solved by upgrading or reinstalling the application. Then you can go for the factory setting. You can factory reset the device and start everything afresh. This is a grave thing to do so. So before proceeding to do the factory setting you must think hard and then take this step.

How to turn off/on the PiP mode of Jio Cinema on an iOS device?

If the PiP mode is not getting started or if you are unable to shift the window from one corner to the other then you can just reboot the device. There can be some glitches which are often sorted when the application running is closed and reopened. Or else the device can be rebooted to get the normal functionality of PiP mode back.


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