Download SuperBeam for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) – Get Beaming Internet Everywhere

In today’s fast-paced world, internet connectivity has become an integral part of our life. However, there are still areas where wireless networks are unstable or entirely absent. To deal with this issue, SuperBeam, an innovative file transfer app, is now available for PC users running on Windows 11/10/8/7. With SuperBeam, you can transfer files between devices effortlessly and at lightning-fast speeds. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to establish a wireless communication network using WiFi Direct and QR code scanning. With this app, you can share photos, videos, music, and various other files with your friends and family with ease. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to download SuperBeam on your Windows PC and enjoy seamless file-sharing.


Features of SuperBeam Application:

1. Fastest File Transfer Speeds
– SuperBeam offers the fastest file transfer speeds possible using WiFi Direct technology.
– The application allows transferring large files and folders within seconds.

2. Seamless Connectivity and Compatibility
– SuperBeam can connect across Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices.
– The application ensures seamless connectivity and compatibility across all devices.

3. QR Code Scanning Feature
– The application has an inbuilt QR code scanning feature that allows users to easily connect with other devices.
– Users can scan the QR code to establish a connection and start the file transfer process.

4. Multiple File Transfer
– SuperBeam offers the convenience of transferring multiple files at once.
– Users can select a range of files or folders to transfer in one go.

5. Easy Share Option
– SuperBeam provides an easy share option to share files and folders on different social media platforms.
– The application has an inbuilt share option that allows users to share files and folders on different platforms with others.

6. User-Friendly Interface
– The application has a user-friendly interface that ensures easy navigation and file transfers.
– The simple and intuitive design makes it easy for users to transfer files and folders without any hassle.

7. Ad-Free Experience
– SuperBeam provides an ad-free experience, allowing users to enjoy a seamless file transfer experience without any interruptions.

8. Pro Version
– The Pro version of SuperBeam offers additional features like unlimited sharing, a customizable interface, and more.
– Users can upgrade to the Pro version for a more enhanced experience.

9. Security
– SuperBeam ensures secure file transfers by encrypting the transfer process.
– The application ensures that user data is protected during the file transfer process.

10. Customization
– SuperBeam offers customization options like changing the theme, language, and more.
– Users can customize the application to their preferences and needs.

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11. Offline Sharing
– SuperBeam offers offline sharing options where users can transfer files without using the internet.
– Following a simple process, users can establish a connection and transfer files over a direct Wi-Fi connection.

12. Free to Use
– SuperBeam is a free app and available for users to download and use.
– All primary features are available for free, making it an excellent option for quick and non-commercial file transfer.

13. Sharing through HTTP / FTP
– Superbeam allows users to share files with the help of HTTP / FTP protocol.
– The application has features that allow users to share files with an FTP server, SFTP or FTPS.

14. Sharing through Web Sharing
– Superbeam allows users to create a personal web-sharing address, allowing for simpler file sharing.
– The application has features that allow users to share files with a private network connection to other users.

15. Sharing by scanning the QR code
– Superbeam allows users to share files by scanning the QR code.
– QR codes can be scanned by other devices, allowing for a prompt and easy file-sharing experience.

Download SuperBeam for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) – Get Beaming Internet Everywhere

Step 1: Visit the official website of SuperBeam and click on the “Download” option.

Step 2: In the download page, select the “Windows 11/10/8/7” option.

Step 3: Click on the “Download SuperBeam for PC” button, and wait for the download process to complete.

Step 4: Once the download is complete, double-click the downloaded executable file to start the installation process.

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to install SuperBeam on your PC.

Step 6: Once the installation is complete, launch the SuperBeam application from the Start menu.

Step 7: Click on the “Settings” option and configure the settings according to your preference.

Step 8: Connect your PC and mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 9: Launch SuperBeam on your mobile device and select the file(s) you want to transfer.

Step 10: Tap on the “Share” icon, and select “SuperBeam” as the transfer option.

Step 11: A QR code will be displayed on both the PC and mobile device. Scan the code on your mobile device to begin the transfer.

Step 12: Wait for the transfer process to complete, and the files will be available on your PC.

That’s it! You can now enjoy beaming internet everywhere with SuperBeam on your Windows PC.

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FAQ #1: What is SuperBeam and what does it do?

SuperBeam is a file transfer application that allows you to transfer large files quickly and easily between two devices. It uses a combination of Wi-Fi Direct and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to transfer files at high speeds without the need for cables or internet connectivity.

FAQ #2: Is SuperBeam free to use?

SuperBeam is available as both a free and premium version. The free version allows you to transfer files up to 50MB, while the premium version removes file size restrictions and adds additional features such as ad-free usage and the ability to transfer files to multiple devices simultaneously.

FAQ #3: What devices are compatible with SuperBeam?

SuperBeam is available on a range of devices, including Android smartphones and tablets, Windows PCs, and Macs. It also supports cross-platform file transfers, so you can transfer files between devices with different operating systems.

FAQ #4: How do I transfer files with SuperBeam?

To transfer files using SuperBeam, both devices must have the app installed. Simply select the files you want to transfer, and tap the transfer button. The app will then generate a QR code or a key that the receiving device can scan or enter to begin the transfer. The transfer will then start automatically, with the app showing a progress bar for each file being transferred.

FAQ #5: Is SuperBeam safe and secure to use?

SuperBeam uses encryption to ensure the security of your files during transfer. It also does not require an internet connection, reducing the risk of outside interference during transfer. However, it is important to remember that any file transfers involve some level of risk, so it is always recommended to only transfer files with trusted sources.


In conclusion, SuperBeam is an excellent application to share files between devices without any hassle. With the ability to beam files wirelessly at lightning-fast speeds, users can now transfer gigabytes of data in a matter of seconds. It is extremely user-friendly and has a simple interface that allows even novice users to use it with ease. The application is compatible with both Windows and Android, making it a versatile tool for sharing files between different platforms. Additionally, SuperBeam’s ability to beam files even in the absence of an internet connection ensures that users can share data conveniently from anywhere. Hence, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient file-sharing tool, SuperBeam is definitely worth considering.

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