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dSploit is an Android application that is specifically designed for security researchers and network professionals. It has a wide range of features that allows users to perform various network-related tasks such as mapping networks, scanning for vulnerabilities, and cracking credentials. The application is also known as a Swiss Army knife for hackers since it provides an all-in-one solution for network testing. This article will explore the features and functionality of dSploit APK and how it can be used to improve the security of networks. If you’re interested in learning about the world of network security, then read on to find out more about this powerful tool.


Features of dSploit Application

1. Packet Sniffing: dSploit allows users to intercept and analyze the network traffic passing through the mobile device or connected network. It provides a way to monitor network activity and identify potential security threats.

2. Network Mapping: The application is equipped with a network mapping feature that enables users to discover the devices connected to the network. This feature also provides detailed information about the network, such as open ports, services running, and vulnerabilities.

3. Vulnerability Scanning: With this feature, users can scan a network and identify the vulnerabilities that are present. The application also provides suggestions for fixing the vulnerabilities.

4. Password Cracking: dSploit has a built-in password cracking tool that can be used to break into password-protected networks and devices.

5. Man-In-The-Middle Attacks: The application is equipped with a variety of tools to perform Man-In-The-Middle attacks. This includes tools for ARP spoofing, DNS spoofing, and SSL stripping.

6. Router PWN: dSploit has a module designed specifically for hacking routers. This tool can be used to gain access to the router’s configuration settings and change the settings.

7. Social Engineering: A set of tools is provided to perform social engineering attacks, such as spear phishing, SMS spoofing, and more.

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8. Scripting: The application has a scripting engine, which can be used to automate tasks and customize the application’s behavior according to user requirements.

9. Update Notifications: dSploit periodically checks for updates and notifications are sent to users if any new updates are available.

10. Free: The application is completely free to download and use.

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How to download and Install
dSploit APK

Step 1: Firstly, enable “Unknown Sources” on your Android device by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Open your web browser and search for “dSploit APK download” or simply click on this link to download the APK file from a reliable source: https://apkpure.com/dsploit/com.dsploit.android/download.

Step 3: Wait for the download to complete.

Step 4: Navigate to the downloaded file location using your file manager application.

Step 5: Tap on the downloaded APK file to begin the installation process.

Step 6: Grant the necessary permissions to install the application when prompted.

Step 7: Wait for the installation process to complete.

Step 8: Once installed, click on the “Open” button to launch the application.

Step 9: Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and installed dSploit APK on your Android device. You can now begin using the app to perform network analysis and security assessments.


1. What is dSploit APK?

dSploit APK is an Android application that helps users test and analyze the security of their network. It provides several network security tools that can be used by network administrators or security professionals alike.

2. Is dSploit safe to use?

dSploit was developed as a network security tool with good intentions, but it can also be used for malicious purposes. Therefore, its use should be limited to authorized professionals who have legitimate security concerns. It is advisable to use this app responsibly, and never use it to breach someone’s privacy or security.

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3. What features are included in dSploit APK?

Some of the features included in dSploit are network mapping, port scanning, password cracking, session hijacking, vulnerability scanning, and packet manipulation. All of these tools help security professionals identify weaknesses in their network and take action accordingly.

4. Can I use dSploit without root access?

Some of the features of dSploit require root access to function correctly, but others can be used without root. However, for full functionality, it is recommended to have root access on your device.

5. How do I get started with dSploit APK?

To get started with dSploit, you need to firstly download and install the application from trusted sources. Once installed, you can explore all its functions and features, run scans, and identify the security issues in your network. For those who are not familiar with network security, it’s best to obtain the necessary knowledge before using this app.


In conclusion, dSploit APK is an extremely useful tool for ethical hackers and security professionals. It boasts a wide range of features that allow for comprehensive network analysis and auditing. Though it was initially a paid application, it has since been made available for free to the general public. This has made it accessible to a wider range of users who are interested in network and security analysis. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, dSploit APK is a must-have application for anyone looking to conduct in-depth network analysis and testing. However, it must be used ethically and responsibly to ensure that it does not harm any third-party systems or networks.

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