Download Torque Pro For PC

Download Torque Pro For PC

The application Torque Pro is needed to follow the OBD2 diagnostics. You can handle the car’s engine management system with the help of this application. You can read the codes on your mobile screen or PC screen along with displaying the engine control unit of it.

Download Torque Pro For PC

How can you download Torque Pro for PC?

As we have seen so far, this application is made for Android devices and it will not be used on PC. But the car owners may need to see the engine details on a wider screen and for them, using this app on a PC would be necessary.

  • This application, when downloaded on the device can be used by connecting the device to OBD2 via Bluetooth. Download this application by going to the original site for Torque Pro site. You can search for it on the Internet.
  • But this app cannot be downloaded to the PC without the help of an emulator. So you would need to download a safe and functional emulator before you proceed to download Torque Pro to the PC. After downloading the emulator file, you need to install it.
  • When the process of installation will be completed you can log in to the emulator and go to the home page of that. Bluestacks and MEmu are two famous emulators so chances are, you will download and use either of these two. You will find a search box on the home page of these emulators.
  • Type Torque Pro in the search bar and press Enter. You will get the link for downloading this app, then click on that link and download the file on your PC.
  • Now you need to install the app on your PC and after the process is finished you will click on the Finish button. Now Torque Pro can be used safely on your PC.


Is Torque different than Torque Pro?

Torque was invented to diagnose the abilities of the sensor of the car’s engine management system whereas Torque Pro offers a better way to read the engine parameters and also it allows you to see the plus transmission and airbag parameters.

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Even managing acceleration and running the quarter mile test is also possible with Torque Pro.

How much does Torque Pro cost?

There is the free version of this app which is provided by Ian Hawkins. This version gets us basic information regarding the car and the engine. This application can cost 4.99 USD but the previous version that is, Torque lite is available for free in the Google play store.

Can Torque Pro clear codes?

Yes, this app is compatible with the OBD2 adapter and it shows the error codes, also it can delete the codes.

What the benefits are of Torque Pro?

As we have mentioned, this is a diagnosis app and it can help you to understand the faults of the code in the car engine system.  You can purchase a separate OBD2 adapter and the errors of the coding would be referred to by Torque Pro. This is a diagnostic process that works on the errors and finds out them. Also, it helps in modifying the error codes.

There is a lite and Pro version of this application. The lite version is free of cost but the Pro version has a moderate value to pay for. There are some limitations on the lite version but the Pro version can be worked with any car like Nissan, Chrysler or Subaru, Ford, Opel, BMW, Jaguar, and many more.

When you will install the app from the play store to your smart device or PC, the OBD2 adapter needs to be connected through Bluetooth. The OBD2 connector should be attached to the diagnostic socket.

When the devices will be successfully connected the Torque Pro app should be showing the important data regarding the vehicle on your Android device screen or PC screen. Now the user can get all the information and change it accordingly.

There is a main menu in this app that provides information regarding outside temperature, oil temperature, the position of the vehicle, the vehicle speed, consumption of fuel, and engine speed. There would be some modifications or changes according to the car type and feature.

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Torque Pro uses GPS signals for getting some information and for others it can use car data. As these data are not seen in the vehicle display unit or even if these are visible, these will be rather small, so this app offers clear visibility of those data while the car is being driven.

Torque Pro provides you with a digital compass. It will also lead you to get in the right direction so you will never be disoriented.

This app can also show you the amount of carbon emission. You can guess how much Co2 is emitting from your car and if that is above the safety level. The panel and profile of the cars can be checked and manipulated.

This is a pocket-friendly option for car owners as other external diagnostic devices are costlier. You can easily add an Android device, tablet, or PC with it to make sure that the data is being seen through a wide screen.

The app will provide you with regular input of the live parameters like fuel consumption, torque, and speed of the vehicle. The error codes can be detected and deleted.

You can get any kind of OBD2 adapter and be assured that this app will be compatible with all of those.


This application will help you to understand the configuration of the car and its engine. It will let you handle all the technicalities of the car without having much knowledge about the car’s mechanism. The specification of the engine and data can be checked and managed. But there are some negatives too.

While using Torque Pro on mobile or PC, the charge of the device will drain out faster. Car owners with iOS devices cannot use this app unless they get an emulator for this purpose. Most OBD2 adapters work with it, but there are some which will not be compatible with this application.


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