Download Talkatone For-PC

Download Talkatone For PC

You need to contact the near and dear ones at any point in time and that is almost necessary in this present busy world. For that, you need an application that will let you make phone calls at a minimum or even at no price. You can be benefitted also by getting the chance to send text messages along with calling, and that is why you will need to talk at one.

Why talkatone is so special?

Talkatone allows you to send messages to other countries and that too will be really fast. You can send audio messages as we have already mentioned. You can get the benefit of sending audio messages and even photos when you need them.

Download Talkatone For PC

How can you use talkatone on PC?

  • You need to use a microphone and speaker when you will be using talkatone on a PC. These devices will help you talk to the contact who you will be calling through this application. The headset with the PC is necessary as you should not trust the inbuilt audio and speaker of the PC.
  • Along with these hardware helps, you need software like Android emulators. There is no PC version for this application available so you need to take the help of an emulator like Bluestacks or Nox.
  • Talkatone was primarily invented for mobile users but nowadays PC users are also making use of it thanks to the emulators. For that purpose, you need to download a good quality emulator which will also be safe for your PC.
  • If you have downloaded the Bluestacks emulator app then you have to download and install the latest version of the app to your PC.
  • After the installation is done, you can open the home page of the Bluestacks and there you can search for the Google play store.  If they ask you to create an account then you have to follow the directions. But if you have already a Google account and that is logged in to your computer then you can access that too.
  • Now you have to search for the Talkatone application on the Google play store. You will get it easily by typing the name and searching for it. The application file should be downloaded and then it should be installed.
  • Then you will find the icon of the application and start using the benefits of the application.
  • If you decide to use the Nox player application then you can download that emulator just the way you would have done with Bluestacks. The emulator will be downloaded from a safe source and then you will install it on your PC.
  • The home page of the Nox emulator will show you the search button from where you can go to the Google play store. There you can download the Talkatone application. You will be able to use the application through the emulator safely.
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Is talkatone free?

Yes, talkatone is a free application and you can send messages as mentioned earlier along with all the different types of messages through it for free. The service of this application does not ask for any registration or for any kind of signing up charge or monthly subscription fee.

What do you need to use Talktaone?

To use this application you will need to have a strong data connection, as this application makes calls through the internet. You need a mobile as well, as the calls will go from your mobile, android, or iOS. If you are not using the application from a phone set then you may also use it from PC.

If you are using talkatone from PC then an Android emulator is a must. An emulator usually helps the Windows PC to get the settings through which you can use the application that can be used on mobiles otherwise.

Why you will use talkatone on PC?

The best reason for using talkatone on a PC is you can get to use the application on a wide screen. You will have better visibility and you will not need to stop working when you will make the call. You can simultaneously be on a call while working on other windows of your PC.

The wide screen will allow you to see who is calling or what text message or audio message is sent to you. The space will be bigger and you will be able to read and check the messages with more precision.

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Using talkatone on a PC gives you the opportunity of using the wide and spacious keyboard of the PC. You can use the small touchpad on the mobile phone when you will be using talkatone on the mobile, but definitely, a wider and spacious keyboard is a better way to communicate and work.

If you use talkatone on PC then this can become a secondary phone set for you. Even if your phone gets lost you can still find the connections and you can still communicate through the same number via this application. So using this application on a PC is actually helpful.

Can talkatone offer you a new phone number?

Yes, this is a rather unique feature of this application. You can get a disposable phone number which will be with USA or Canada code. The number can be used once to make calls or send messages. You can change the phone number to the new phone number anytime and also this number will not be traced as you can burn this number to your phone settings.

Can talkatone make an international call?

You can make international calls with the help of talkatone. This will be rather helpful when you will visit from one place to other and you will need to make calls from any location. Having international calls for free is a great benefit offered by talkatone. Thus you can definitely make use of this application and call people who are not in your country.

Which devices are eligible for using talkatone?

Talkatone was primarily invented for mobile phones but it can be used with PC and even with tablets now. The devices which do not support applications can be modified with the help of emulators to use this app.


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